Man and Small Van for Hire in London

Reliable professional van services are the logical way to go when you are planning a home relocation or even transporting a single piece of furniture from point A to point B in London.

This is particularly true for smaller loads, such as moving personal items or small office equipment. Man and van companies such as The London Man with Van operating in the capital are abundant and in theory, you should not have trouble finding the van hire solution that best fits your needs. When choosing the right service, it’s essential to consider the van size and the specific requirements of your move. First, however, you need to determine what your needs precisely are. For instance, larger property sizes may require a larger van, while smaller apartments can be efficiently managed with a small van. A man and a small van should be enough to cover the requirements of a studio apartment relocation, or moving into a partly furnished medium-sized flat. The small van prices in London today make them a very attractive option. Moreover, the ease of arranging parking space for small vans adds to the convenience, especially in busy areas. Note that any larger job might require another type of vehicle, such as a medium van for a hassle-free experience

 How Large is a Small Van?

Small transit van parked on the street

Small vans are typically designed to fit the luggage of a single person, as well as several small items such as:

  • Small cabinets
  • Small refrigerators and other small appliances such as microwave ovens,
  • Small sofas

The small van dimensions load space are typically 1.7 m in length, 1.49 in width, and 1.2 in height. This small van description makes it ideal for navigating through the city streets. The payload for that cargo space is around 600-800 kg, which makes it the most suitable van size for small removals, especially when there are only 2 seats available, including the driver. Different van sizes, such as a larger van with a larger loading space, are available for commercial moves or larger residential relocations. The benefit of a small van is that you probably won’t need to go an extra length to make parking arrangements. They usually don’t require special parking permits in most areas of London either.

Small Vans equipped with all Moving Equipment

Small vans from a legitimate man and van contractor should come with all the necessary basic tools to accommodate small appliances and make sure that your possessions are transported safely to their new home. This van equipment includes: 

  •  Trolley moving blankets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Bungee cords tools

Any such van fits the definition of a small van and man in London. A good service like ours will of course come with the guarantee that the driver helps you with the loading part. 

 Can you ride in a small van?

The opportunity to ride along with your belongings in the small van can be a crucial factor in the successful, on-time completion of your London man with a van removal. It’s important to kindly review your requirements with the service provider, including any need for delivery service. It will save you a bit of money and stress on the moving day. Due to the dimensions of the small van, typically there is just one passenger seat in this type of vehicle. For washing machines and other heavier items, checking the size van and ensuring the appropriate van removals blankets are available is crucial. If you hired the van services online, without additional packing and moving help, you might be able to ride along with the driver. This is usually possible when you are moving into a fully furnished apartment and you bring along just a few personal belongings with you.

If the van service comes with packing and other moving help, you might have to make other arrangements for transportation. In any case, don’t forget to ask the man and van firm you are working with whether you can use the passenger seat in the small van in advance.

Is it the cheaper option? 

 Your budget is definitely going to be one of your major considerations when planning your upcoming moving day. So the question is whether a full man and van service or a small van and man will come cheaper for your small-scale moves. It’s advisable to compare the cost-effectiveness of different van sizes for your specific needs.

All man with a van contractors in London offer free, no-obligation quotes to their customers in advance and we are not any different for that matter. If you want to consider your budget properly, get one for the small van and man service you consider hiring, and one for the full-scale man and van service they offer. The prices you get should include everything – the price for small van hire, the removal blankets and the bungee cords tools, the driver, and other movers that will come help you with the job. The rule of thumb is that small van and man services are economically more viable for small removals, while full-scale flat and house relocations require larger vehicles. 

Free custom Quote for the Small Van and Man for Hire in London

 Keep in mind that a small van and man service can be extremely cheap, but in some cases, the overall price of the service may seem a little steep. Factors that may drive the final quote up to just what makes it more viable to hire a full-scale man and van London include:

  • The distance you will be driving your possessions to.
  • What areas of London will the operation take place in – traffic, arrange parking space, and other factors may add up to the cost of your small removal.
  • Packing and safety equipment.
  • Whether or not you will need help moving your boxes in and out of the van. The availability of lifts in both buildings may add up to your expenses.

As you can see, the van prices alone will not make you break the bank. It is the individual requirements of your small move that put an unexpected strain on your budget. Just call us today and have your stress-free small van with man service done.