Five mistakes that you must avoid making during your relocation

In today’s article we will present you with five moving mistakes that you must avoid at all cost.

  1. Hiring the first moving firm that you find – most people make this common mistake because they assume that there are not many moving contractors in the city. The truth is that there are countless moving companies and all of them have their pros and cons. So before you take a final decision on which company you will hire, conduct a thorough search of some companies that provide man and van in London based services and choose the one that suits your need best.
  2. Not hiring a moving van – people often underestimate the volume of the things that they will relocate and they think that they can manage to fit anything in their car. However in reality you could hardly handle your relocation when using your car only. A relocating is done properly only when you use a moving van to transport your belongings to their new home. So if you don’t have a van, rent one. You can rent a moving van from any company within the city that offers London man and a van service .
  3. Over-packing the cardboard boxes – filling the boxes at 100% is a grave mistake for a number of reasons. To begin with the boxes get too heavy and become very difficult to lift and carry. Another reason is that the bottom side of the boxes tends to rip and their content could easily fall down and get broken. The proper way to pack the boxes is to fill them in half. This way the boxes will not be so heavy and you could easily lift and carry them.
  4. Lifting with your back – people should lift the boxes and furniture that they are moving with their legs. Back-lifting can harm the back and cause several muscle ruptures, spasms and back pain.
  5. Not adding an extra layer of protection on fragile items – although the bubble wrap is a highly effective protection layer for fragile items it is still for the best if the bubble wrap is complemented by newspaper pages or foam. So don’t rely solely on bubble wrap, it is better to be on the safe side and avoid the unnecessary risk with your most fragile items. After all you do wish that your belongings reach your new home safe and sound, right.

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