Four Film Festivals That Must Be Attended

Since the invention of cinematography in the late 19th century movies have became an integral part of people’s lives. Today there are numerous film production companies from all over the world that produce movies that are adored by millions and that bring to the filmmakers immense revenues. But what makes some movies better than others, and what defines which companies are better at their job than others. The answer to both these questions is film festivals. Today there are approximately 3.000 festivals that are held all over the globe and that are used by critics to judge the quality of films. This is a short list of arguably the most prestigious of them.

  1. Sundance-Film-FestivalSundance Film Festival – It was founded in 1978 and is currently one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States. Held every year during the month of January in Park City, Ogden, Salt Lake City and the Sundance Resort, the it showcases around 200 American and International movies. There are 36 different categories by which the films are judged but the most prestigious category is the Grand Jury Prize which was awarded in latest edition of the festival to the drama ‘Whiplash’ which starred Miles Teller, J.K Simmons, and Paul Reiser.
  2. Toronto International Film Festival – As the name suggests it, the festival is held in the Canadian city of Toronto. The first edition of the TIFF was held in 1976 and showcased approximately 60 movies. Today the it usually displays over 350 movies and is attended by over 400.000 people. The TIFF starts after the Thursday night after Labour Day in Canada and continues for eleven days. The latest winner of the Toronto International Film Festival was ‘The Imitation Game’ a movie dedicated to the life of Alan Turin and how he and his partners decrypted the German Enigma Machine. The film starred Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of the English mathematician, Keira Knightley in the role of Joan Clarke and Matthew Goode in the role of Hugh Alexander. You can learn more about Alan Turin and his achievement by visited the Science Museum in London once your man and van project is over.
  3. BFI London Film Festival – Shortly known as the London Film Festival, this event was first held in 1956. Today the festival screens over 300 movies, documentaries and short films from approximately 50 countries. The London Film Festival is considered to be the largest public film event in the United Kingdom. The 2014 edition of the event was won by Russian drama ‘Leviathan’. The movies starred Russian actors Aleksei Serebryakov, Elena Lyadova and Vladimir Vdovichenkov. The next BRI London Film Festival will take place in October, 2015, so make sure that you attend it once your move to the English capital via man and van services is over.
  4. Cannes Film Festival – Perhaps the most prestigious film festival in the world, this event was first held in 1946. Only a selected number of movies are screened at the festival which runs for eleven days during the month of May. The latest winner of the Palme d`Or (the top category) was French drama ‘Dheepan’ which starred Sri Lankan Tamil actor Anthonythasan Jesuthasan.

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