How to Make Moving Places Easier – Self Packing

People faced with the prospect of moving their home or office to another location would be looking to make the project more manageable in every respect. This is only logical as property removals can be quite a challenge, especially when moving long distance, or when moving with children.
Packed-boxObviously, a specialised relocation service from a professional man and van removal company would make the process quicker and more efficient, but there are optional things concerning the removal which property owners can handle themselves. One of those things is packing of items.
If property occupants have secured an end to end man and van removal service, including packing then the movers will do the packing, securing and labelling of items and boxes prior to transit. In case people wish to do their own packing, which is not uncommon, here are a few key points to consider:

  • Don’t buy cheap packing materials – cheap always end up costing more in the end, go for quality, high durability packing supplies which will provide the necessary protection during handling and transportation.
  • Pack audio, video and electronic equipment separately, if possible put such items in their original boxes and use the foam insulation pieces that came with the box.
  • When packing, don’t overload the boxes – top out at twenty or so kilos but no more as boxes will be too heavy to move, and might break or tear during handling.
  • Remember a general rule of thumb when packing – the heavier the item – the smaller the box.
  • If your belongings will be transported long distance, or will be put into storage for a period of time, sprinkle talcum powder over books and documentation in order to prevent moisture and moulding.
  • When doing your own packing, by all means take the time and effort to label and list the contents of each box or bag, it is also a good idea to jot down which room the box is going to after delivery, and if its contents is fragile.
  • Cushion fragile or breakable items using all means necessary, anything from old newspapers through socks and rags, to bubble wrap is fair game so use all options available – extra protection equals extra peace of mind.
  • Do NOT pack jewellery, important personal documents, irreplaceable items or money along with other items which go in the back of the man and van removal vehicle, such valuables travel alongside you, packed separately.
  • When moving with kids, allow them to keep one or two favourite toys on them – this will keep them busy during the removal, the rest goes in a bag or box in the van, but it is advisable to load the toy box last so it comes out first upon delivery – this way you get the wee ones off your back while unpacking the rest of your stuff.
  • Last but not least, remember to pack a separate box of basic household supplies, including utensils and toiletries – the last thing you need after a long removal day is to be going around an unknown area looking for the nearest store.

Fingers crossed on a swift removal and smooth transition!

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