The Relocation Hot-spots in Britain

London is of course a great place to live and work. But not everyone likes the business and hassle of the metropolis. Even if you initially found it appealing, there is a good chance that after several years you just start longing for a quieter and more comfortable place to settle down. If that is the case, the territory of Britain can provide you with a number of excellent options.

The towns and cities described below are the current relocation hot spots in the country, as put forward by man and van removal companies and real estate agents.

1)      Cirencester-GloucestershireCirencester, Gloucestershire is a small market town with wonderful architecture and a pretty appealing rhythm of life. It is said to be the center of the province, providing smaller towns and villages from the area with administrative and commercial services. Cirencester is neither too quiet and calm, nor too full of hassle – the balance between the two is nevertheless much better than that in London.

2)      Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire is the perfect place for you in case you want to keep your job in London. It is an example of the commuters’ town dream, just 20 minutes away from the metropolis. In some cases it takes less time to travel from Beaconsfield to the City than going to the same place from some of the suburbs, which should be a good enough reason for you.

3)      Tunbridge Wells, Kent would be the perfect place for you if you want your kids to have access to great schools. Local educational institutions – both private and state – are on the top of the charts in Kent. In many aspects they are even better than most schools in London itself too.

4)      Amersham, Buckinghamshire is definitely the best loved commuters’ town for people working in the City. It is only 14 stops by train away from Baker Street, which explains why so many professionals working in London choose to relocate here in seek of calm and comfort. You will definitely love it there.

5)      Wimborne, Dorset is definitely the ultimate place to go in order to achieve a major change in lifestyle, especially if you have a family. Good schools, beautiful nature and the coast is also not far away – what more can you hope for?

6)      Salisbury, Wiltshire has been one of the main places that people choose when they try to escape from London for over a century now. The town is pretty beautiful. There are good schools and the settlement is surrounded by magnificent nature. In addition to all that, transport links to South London, as well as the rest of the country, are excellent.

7)      Windsor, Berkshire is somewhat of an odd choice, because of the many tourists who come here in order to see the Castle. On the other hand, the town is really popular with movers because of the transport links, the wide availability of services that are otherwise unusual for such a small settlement, and the well established community.

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