5 Property Turn Offs – The Obvious Issues No One Sees

A UK man and van removal company was looking into what turns off potential buyers during a property viewing. Besides the obvious and major issues like location, noise and layout, there were a number of additional factors which turned out to have a strong influence on potential buyers.
Selling your houseAs it turns out, a dirty and neglected kitchen and bathroom are major turn offs for buyers. This quite logical as during a viewing, buyers are trying to picture themselves living their everyday lives in that particular kitchen or bathroom. Brushing their teeth in a stained and mouldy bathroom or cooking dinner in rusty and grimy kitchen will definitely cause buyers to look elsewhere. In order to facilitate an easier sale, owners must invest into cleaning, fixing and freshening up such heavy duty rooms and areas of the property.
Peeling paint, cracks and damp patches are bad news for potential buyers. To the untrained eye, these may seem like mundane paint-over issues but in fact, damp patches, peeling paint and cracked walls or ceilings can be an indication of more serious structural and moisture problems. If buyers are not looking for a fixer-upper, these will definitely be put off by the potential cost of fixing the problem. Again for an easier sale, such issues must be addressed by owners. Indeed this will make the sale process more expensive, but one has to spend money to make money, right.
Excess amounts of clutter and junk will surely make the sale a no-go. Even the best house will look small, messy and unkept if cluttered to the brim with junk and rubbish. Clutter and junk distracts buyers, causing them to miss or ignore the good sides of the property. According to the man and van company that did the survey, for a better chance at selling quickly, owners must clear away as much as possible of the clutter and junk, clearing away non-essential house contents will make the interior more spacious, clean and fresh – potential buyers will be able to envision themselves living at the property.
Nasty smells and strange odours have no place inside the property during a sale. Weird smells will have a strong negative effect on potential buyers. Smells are strong psychological cues and will leave lasting memories – do everything possible to banish smells and odours from the property. Even if the rest of the place fits the bill, a nasty smell or strange odour will drive viewers away for good so address the issue timely and accordingly.

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