Chessington World of Adventures – a Place to Bring Your Kids

There is hardly a better way to build a strong lasting bond with your kids than to spend as much time doing fun stuff with them. Fortunately, London offers great many opportunities for that, so the one thing left for you is to go through them and pick up those that will make your little ones the happiest. In sense, Chessington World of Adventures should definitely be on the top of your list.

Located just 12 miles from Central London (there are residential districts in the metropolis that are further away) the World of Adventures constitutes a zoo, a theme park and a hotel complex. At first, there was just the zoo, which was opened in 1931, but over the years the Chessington World of Adventures became what it is today – a comprehensive and rich venue for entertainment and education through entertainment.

The zoo has over 1000 animals. Those the administration is most proud of are the Western lowland gorillas, sea lions, and Sumatran tigers. Furthermore, the experience of a visit to the zoo is enriched by the division of the facility into several areas: Trail of the Kings, Creepy Caves, Sealion Bay, Children’s Zoo, Amazu, Penguin Bay and the Wanyama Village & Reserve as well as a Sea Life Centre.

Chessington World of Adventures on the other hand has a great number of attractions divided by themes as follows: Market Square, Mystic East, Mexicana, Pirates Cove, Transylvania, and Forbidden Kingdom. The theme park was created in 1987 and it quickly became one of the most popular theme parks in Britain. And there is a good reason for that – just ask your kids if they had fun after a day spent here, and watch their reactions. It is going to be a priceless experience for you, we guarantee.

Chessington-World-of-AdventuresIn contrast to the majority of the theme parks out there, at Chessington World of Adventure most of the rides are oriented towards families with little children. Even toddlers can play in the soft play area. That does not mean that your older boys and girls won’t enjoy themselves in such attractions as the Rameses Revenge and many others. At any step you are going to be assisted by a helpful costumed guide who is going to make the experience much more complete and fun for sure.

If you feel hungry or tired, you can fill up your batteries in one of the many cafes and restaurants scattered across the territory of Chessington World of Adventures. The hotel complex is at your disposal at any time. It is a great place to spend a weekend at. Another great idea is to de-stress by staying here while your man and van company is carrying out your relocation to or from London. Either way, you will have at least one night that you will not be able to sleep neither at your old or your new place, while the man with a van is transporting, unloading and unpacking your good. Why not make the experience fun for the whole family by staying at the Chessington World of Adventures and the hotel complex there?

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