Haringey – the borough with many faces

Some sources list Haringey as an Outer London Borough, others as an Inner one. No matter what definition we accept, it is certain that this borough, located just to the north of Hackney, Islington and Camden is among the best places to set up a home in. Some of the local landmarks attract the attention of tourists and culture lovers from London too.

Harringey viewHaringey has a very long and interesting history. The territory of the present day borough has been inhabited as far back in time as the Stone Age. Remains from the Roman and Saxon times are also to be found here.

The borough of Haringey is divided into many smaller areas, each of which has something to offer:

  • Bounds Green was originally a popular over-night stop for travelers coming from or going to the northern parts of the country. In more recent times, it is known to be the birthplace of the popular rock band UFO.
  • Bowes Park is a suburban development that is probably most proud of being the place of residence of none other but the iconic science-fiction author sir Arthur Clarke.
  • Crouch End used to be a popular shopping center in the inter-war period of the 1930s, and today is probably the most up-market district in Haringey.
  • Finsbury Park takes its name from the eponymous park from the large 110 acres park adjutant to it, and is the home of Kate Beckinsale, Johnny Rotten from Sex Pistols and actress Naomi Harris.
  • The ward of Fortis Green used to be a rural area well into the 19th century, but this began to drastically change with the arrival of the railway and today it is one of the finest residential areas in North London.
  • The district of Harringey is the most cosmopolitan part of the borough. It is a busy shopping center with many stores, boutiques and restaurants concentrated mainly on Green Lanes.
  • Hornsey on the other hand is a residential district which was formed from a very old village that stood here – it is speculated that it dates back to the Saxon age.
  • Among tourists Muswell Hill is definitely the best known place in  Haringey, mainly because the famous Alexandra Palace and Alexandra Park are located here.
  • Seven Sisters is a place of much importance because of the many transport – metro, but and railway – junctions located on its territory. It is the most culturally diverse district in Haringey.
  • South Tottenham is another ethnically diverse area, which attracted many immigrants from South America, Eastern Europe and Africa thanks to the many new housing developments that have been built here in the past several years.
  • Stroud Green is just next to Finsbury Park and if you love open green spaces, it is the right ward in Haringey for you.
  • Tottenham is known for its long spellbinding history, remains of which can still be seen throughout the district, as well as the local football club, the Totteniham Hotspur.
  • Tottenham Green is a ward preferred by many representatives of the working class predominantly because of the cheaper housing here, as well as the very good transport connections it has with the rest of London.
  • Tottenham Hale is a curious mix between industrial estates and unique wildlife. The last is due to the presence of the River Lea and Walthamstow Reservoir on its territory.
  • Turnpike Lane is the place to be if you are looking for a busy shopping street. It is also a very important transport hub.
  • West Green is a district which as many parts of Haringey used to be a village and expanded at the end of the 19th Today it is a comfortable residential district.
  • Wood Green is a major metropolitan center, as identified by the London Plan, with a great contribution to the development of British television.

As you can see, Haringey is a multi-faced, busy and quite metropolitan in spirit borough that is definitely worth visiting and exploring.

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