How to Make New House Feel Like Home

Many people who move house feel a bit weird when they first walk through the doorstep of their new home. This is perfectly understandable as people become attached to their dwelling, they are used to a familiar environment which is now changed. There is nothing wrong with stepping out of the comfort zone, but making the new house feel like a home as quickly as possible is a good idea, especially for people with children – kids rarely take change of familiar environment too well.

HousesSo, the man and van people have left, the house is full of boxes and packs, the kids are being cranky and parents are left with a bit of a situation on their hands. What’s the best way to deal with it?  Well, obviously unpacking items is the first thing that springs to mind, which would be right of course. However unpacking in the right order is the trick here. Begin the process with unpacking the closet and some personal belongings. Having easy access to clothes and shoes will make the following days of settling in more manageable and comfortable. Unpack some of your personal belongings too, not everything but some familiar items that you are accustomed to seeing in your old bedroom or living room. This will also help adjust to the new surroundings sooner.

The kids also need to settle in as smoothly as possible. For this to happen though they need their stuff unpacked too. Again, don’t unpack everything but just the items and objects the kids like and need, like their toys, quilt, toothbrush, and slippers – things like that. Most likely the kids have a bagful of their favourite toys already so let them unpack that too.

Recreating familiar sounds and sights also makes sense, not just for kids, but for grownups too. Obviously, replicating every sound, smell or sight from your old house is impossible but some things can be mimicked. For instance, a cuckoo clock has been sitting on your wall for ten years and you love the thing, so unpack it and leave it somewhere around the house to see and hear – it would help. Another example – you enjoy natural ingredient air fresheners like lemon, cinnamon, lavender, mint etc. – mix together your favourite concoction for indoor freshness and leave the bowl or sachet in a strategic spot of the house – the familiar, pleasant smell will make the new house more homey and welcoming.

If you have artwork like statuettes, paintings etc. unpack those too and place it against walls or pick corners of rooms where you might like to keep such items once the house is arranged. However don’t be tempted to hang paintings as this must be done at the end when all furniture and interior features are in place (provided the house is still unfurnished or partially furnished). Just looking at your favourite artwork will make the transition more seamless and the settling in period more manageable.

If your old bed or mattress was also part of the removal then you are one step closer to getting comfy at your new place right away.

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