Apr 23, 2017

Has moving benefitted from technological progress?

We all want to have easier lives and in truth our desire to be lazy pushes us forward. While it might sound ironic, it is in fact true. Just imagine why the remote control was invented. Well the same goes for everything else in our everyday life. People constantly come up with inventions so that we can save time and effort. The moving business has undoubtedly greatly benefited from the technological progress of humanity because nowadays we are able to pull of complex removal procedures quickly and exceptionally efficiently. Basically every part of the relocation process in an area like Sutton has been improved over the years.

The way we cover distances is impressive nowadays


Before people started utilising animals to transport goods, they were basically crippled. Then carriages came to the scene. However, moving things around before the Industrial Revolution took place was a very, very tough assignment. Just imagine how the ancient Egyptians have built the Pyramids. They were forced to put these huge blocks on chopped wood and pull them with ropes for miles. Building the Pyramids today will take a few weeks as we will be able to fly all the materials from all over the world. Just take vans for example. Even they have been greatly improved over the last decades. Nowadays we have different types of vans depending on the nature of the removal. This is incredible. We not only have cargo vehicles, we have specific commercial cargo vehicles. Many larger vans are now supplied with hydraulic tail lifts. They allow for lifting heavier objects without the intervention of a human.

Equipment and supplies

Two main types of equipment are used during man and van hire jobs – moving supplies and protective gear for the workers. Both have been greatly improved thanks to technological progress. People nowadays are protected by specialised helmets and costumes. They also wear gloves which still allow them to touch delicate items without being clumsy. There are flash lights with powerful batteries as well as latching tools for maximum efficiency of your Wallington removal.

There are also outstanding shielding supplies nowadays. We are not only able to relocate objects of all sorts in Worcester Park but we can also do it in a very safe fashion. Belts and straps which movers use are now easy to apply. With just a couple of clicks you can have a very secure cargo. Additionally there are effective moving trolleys which come in various sizes. The tendency is for these things to keep getting lighter and easier to carry. After all you do not want the moving supplies to be heavier than the things you are having delivered.

Software and logistics

Coming up with a plan for deliveries for today’s van rental companies is not a hard task anymore. Most good companies have software which allows them to see the map of the area and plan trips accordingly. Furthermore software can also provide information on traffic and weather thus allowing drivers to make efficient deliveries. Clients can also track their orders using the GPS systems that most vans have.

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