Feb 19, 2019

Moving Home and Council Tax – All You Need to Know

Before you move home, you need to notify several different authorities and service providers. Among them are the utility companies on which you rely, your bank and insurer and your GP. Most importantly, however, you need to also give your local council the heads up prior to your relocation day. That is especially true if you are currently paying council tax or if you are about to move into your very first home. If you fail to do so, there may be some unpleasant consequences such as:

  • Paying a council tax to two different authority areas
  • Paying an outdated tax
  • Being imposed a steep fee for failing to inform your old and new councils
  • Covering this tax bill when you do not really need to do so

It is best if you get in touch with your local authority council about one month before your move.

What is a council tax?

This tax was introduced in England and Scotland in the early 1990s and as of 2003, it is officially applied on the territory of Wales too. It is imposed on properties that have a residential character and it is allocated for a wide range of public services provided on a local scale (e.g. public libraries, schools, police and fire departments, road and park maintenance, etc.). The money collected through this tax even go for rubbish collection and the cleaning of streets. That being said, however, do not assume that you can ask your moving company of choice to provide you with top-quality rubbish collection services in London for free because such professional solutions delivered by private companies are not covered by your local bills. It is compulsory for everyone who lives in their own property and is at least 18 years of age. Exceptions are, however, made for individuals who have the status of apprentices or full-time students and those who occupy accommodation provided by the Armed Forces. Everyone is required to pay a different council tax. The exact sum ranges from council to council and it also depends on the property’s value and whether or not the person who has to pay it has a disability.

Council tax and moving home

Notifying your local council that you are about to move home is a must and it is in fact required by the law. You are obliged to do so regardless of whether you are moving within the same London borough or not.

Moving within your current authority area

Let’s say that your old home was set in Isleworth, Hounslow and your new home is located in that same London town. This means that you will be relocating within your present council. This means that you will not only need to find professional man and van services in Isleworth TW7 but that you will also need to notify the council of your upcoming move. Simply go to the official website of your local council and open the page dedicated to “Change of Address.” Fill in your details, providing both your new and old addresses.

Moving to a different authority area

Moving from Belvedere, Bexley to Harlington, Hillingdon?  You will need a trained man with a van in Harlington UB3 and to once again, visit the website of your current local council and follow the above-mentioned steps. By doing so, you will cancel your account with your present local authority. Next, head over to the Gov.UK website or even that of your new council and register to pay tax from your new address. Do not forget to let both your new and old councils know of your move to avoid paying two taxes at the same time.

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