Running Your Transportation Company

Running your own business can be a very risky but at the same time a highly rewarding affair. When it comes to transportation business the key word is really “running”. Whether you transport people or goods it rarely makes a difference. Below you will see why.

The customer is always right

Relocation TruckWe should start by describing the new breed of customers and why you simply have to be impeccable. People nowadays pay a lot of money. They don’t mind parting ways with a hefty sum if the service will satisfy them. But that’s where the problems occur. People who pay are also very demanding and they want everything to be top notch. If you own a cab company or a fleet of vans that transport passengers you really need to be top notch. Safety comes first and your clients need to feel safe while riding with you. This means that you need to check your vans regularly and maintain them properly. A higher level of comfort is also a must as this will add to the feeling that the vehicle is safe. You drivers need to treat passengers like kings. We are talking about advanced communication skills and they also need to be ready to go out and help people on and off the bus/van. Heavy luggage might need to be loaded on and off and this is again the drivers’ duty. If any of these things aren’t good enough clients will simply stop using your services.

Now you would think that clients are capricious only when it comes to their own bodies. Well, wrong – there are many wealthy or simply odd individuals who care greatly about their belongings. This can turn a man and van company’s day into a nightmare. These cargo vans that you ought to have nowadays need to be supplied with the best safety features available. There are paranoid customers who will make it very clear to you and your drivers that if something goes wrong with the cargo you will be responsible. Many of them would even ask to get in the back of the van before the trip in order to inspect the environment and decide if you are good enough for them. Get:

  • GPS navigation
  • Cushions and air-bags
  • Boxes with locks
  • Flexible packaging

But the customer also talks a lot

That being said if you are going to operate a man and van business you will need to invest heavily in your fleet of vans. That doesn’t mean only obtaining expensive vans. You should also train your drivers on how to be friendly and knowledgeable. Customers will speak with them often and if your workers don’t seem smart and confident then you shouldn’t count on having many returning customers.

Lastly you need to have logistics and communication within the team. Go for areas that you know are going to be profitable and not very hard to serve. Start locally and then try to grow. If you manage to establish a connection with your customers this will not only win you loyal clients but new ones too. People talk you know.

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