Things You Will Get to Know About London Only When You Start Living Here

Tower-BridgeLondon is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. It is a huge metropolis, millions of people live across its territory and here you are going to find people from all religions, cultures and ethnicities that you may possibly think of. But as of in every place, there are things that you learn about it only when you start spending more time in it than a regular tourist.

There are several things that you are going to learn about London only when you move in here, for example:

  • Manners have a different definition in London. For example, here no one says thank you to the bus driver. This may seem a little odd at first, especially if you are used to another attitude, but even if you say something to the driver here, he will most likely just ignore you.
  • Londoners love their jobs. Or at least, they take it as the most important thing in the world. The first thing everyone is going to ask you when you meet is about your job. What you do, how you do it, why you do it, is it paying enough? Londoners are obsessed with careers and this is something pretty awful when you come to think of it.
  • London is terribly expensive. Remember how everyone was telling you about how high the rent in the capital is? Well, that’s because it truly is. Be prepared for the simple fact that at least for some time most of your income is going to be spent on rent.
  • There may not be a public toilet at every 20 meters in London, you will definitely find a sandwich shop in the same radius. Pret-a-Manager’s shops are definitely pretty popular, but, well, if you need a decent sandwich of any kind, London is not going to let you down.
  • You are going to spend more time underground than you are used to. The Tube is not only the most popular, but the most comfortable means of transportation in London. There is no risk to be stuck in traffic or something while you use it, and you can reach every place via the network. One cannot fully comprehend the importance of the Tube for life in London until one sees it themselves.
  • If it exists anywhere in the world, you can find it in London. No, seriously, London is a microcosmos in its own right. Here you are going to find everything you need and so many other things that you do not need at all. One thing is for sure though – life in London is never boring.

The list is far from complete. We are certain that you will find a lot of quirks about the capital yourself, so do not hesitate to pay your man and van technicians, thank them for the help with your relocation and then get on exploring this beautiful city. You will find a lot of fascinating stuff for sure.

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