Jun 12, 2018

5 Cases in Which You Need a Skilled Man and Van

If you are wondering whether or not it would be a good idea to invest a little money in hiring a professional man with a van company to help you with a certain moving job, be advised that nine times out of ten the answer is positive. In the cases that we have taken the time to describe below, you cannot count on quick and stress-free results unless you get some professional help.

First time moving home

Student removals are among the main reasons quality man and van services in Norbury SW16 are so popular and helpful. You will not have a tough time making one of the most important transitions in your life – leaving your parents’ nest and starting your independent life as an adult – if you have the right people to assist you with the management and organisation of the transit of what little possessions you already have.

When you make a big purchase

A man with a van can be of immense help for the so-called “store purchase delivery” services. Imagine that you have bought a whole new set of furniture for the living room or a new appliance for the kitchen. If those do not fit in your car, you can always give your local licensed man and van in Friern Barnet N11 a call and count on the fact that you will have your new acquisitions at your address on the very same day. Not only that but if some assistance with unpacking and assembly is needed, the man and van experts will be able to provide you with it.


The most classical picture one can imagine is a couple of burly muscular movers carrying a piano down a narrow staircase. You can be surprised to learn that this scenario is not a cliché at all. The number of man and van bookings, especially in big cities, that were made for the specific purpose of piano moving has been steadily growing over the last few years.

Caption: Moving a piano can be quite a challenge

If you need a bulky piece of furniture relocated

Much like pianos, pieces of art and antiques, bulky pieces of furniture can be a real nightmare to move. Those include:

  • Mattresses and bed-frames;

  • Wardrobes;

  • Dining room tables;

  • Cabinets;

Things can become even more complicated if some of those cannot simply be disassembled in order to make moving them easier. If that is the case with your bulky furniture, then you should definitely call your movers right away instead of wasting any more time.

When you lack the right skills or resources

You do not have a car or you have one that is not suitable for the transportation of your items? There is no room in your busy schedule to fit in all the tasks related to the pick up and delivery of the goods? You do not think you will able to safely pack, load and move all of your items alone? If you have answered with “yes” to any of these questions, you will greatly benefit from using a professional home removal service in London that offers many additional services.

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