6 cities in the UK to which you can move and have a good life

Today more and more people move to and within the United Kingdom in order to find a better life with better professional and personal opportunities.
Landscape in BathHowever some cities tend to attract more visitors and new resident since they currently are seen as offering more opportunities than others. If you are about to move to another place within the United Kingdom and you haven’t yet chosen a city to move to, here is a list of six cities that are not necessarily the first places to come to mind when thinking relocating, yet offer good opportunities.

  1. Oxford– Although the town of Oxford is well known for being the home of the legendary Oxford University, it is still a well developed and organized British town that offer excellence professionals prospects, especially if you are in the higher education branch.
  2. Canterbury– The city of Canterbury is located at precisely 55 miles for the capital of England, London. However unlike London, Canterbury is a city with must more affordable rental fees and a more cost effective standard of life. It is also of the United Kingdom’s musical and theatrical centers. Also you won’t find it hard to move to the city of Canterbury as there are many man and van companies that operate in the area.
  3. York– The city of York is known for its amazing medieval streets and buildings. The city has been inhabited for centuries and is one of the few cities in the world that have managed to preserve their medieval ambiance. It is also one of the most affordable cities to live in the United Kingdom.
  4. Brighton and Hove– The city is more commonly known as Brighton and is one of the most colourful cities in the country. It is also amongst the most visited cities in the United Kingdom as it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world on an annual basis. Just like with the city of Canterbury you won’t have a hard time arranging your removal to the city as many man and van companies operate in the area due to the fact that people constantly move to the city of Brighton and Hove.
  5. Torquay– The city of Torquay is perhaps the finest seaside resort in the United Kingdom. It is also a very calm and quiet place due to the fact that most of the visitors are British as the city of Torquay isn’t the most popular British city in the world. Many describe Torquay as the only Mediterranean city in the UK and given the palm trees and lively seafront that the city has, they may be right.
  6. Bath– The city of Bath is located in the area of Somerset and dates back to Roman times. Today the city is home to numerous ancient and modern landmarks the most renowned of which are the ancient Roman Baths and the Royal Crescent.

As you can see London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburg aren’t the only cities in the UK that give good careers and personal prospects to their inhabitants. So now that you have been presented with six more options take your time and choose the city that suits bets your needs.

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