Are Actors and Singers Overpaid?

Capitalism has been a blessing to those that know how to handle it. There are so many convenient ways of making money nowadays that it simply blows my mind. People with regular jobs have some sort of security that is very fragile. If your steady income stops you will have a hard time paying your bills and supporting your family until you find another decent job. Some people however do not have that sort of troubles. MicrophoneMany of them rely on their singing or acting talents to become filthy rich. Certain actors and singers in the age that we live in are really, really well paid. These people become millionaires in the matter of months. Not all of them, that’s for sure – but a pretty good chunk of them make a lot of money. And we are talking about the amount of money that you probably will not be able to earn in a few lifetimes. So this great question has been around for years now: Are actors and singers overpaid? What is the exclusive part of what they do in order to receive such hefty sums? People who create software or conduct scientific experiments, or run countries are often said to have way more responsible jobs than performers. But why do we throw money at singers like crazy? Well people like having it easy. And producers of course take advantage of this.

We give publicity to flamboyance and controversy. Singers nowadays become popular with a lot of things small part of which is singing. Same goes for actors even though their job can be pretty hard as well. There’s a high demand for music and movies and since users are ready to pay there will always be people ready to collect. Once you become a little popular famous brands will try to lure you with awesome contracts and then when you start endorsing products that’s when the real money comes. This is when we can safely say that it really comes down to the users. We need to realise that we are the ones that pay these people’s salaries. When 200 million people with a regular job such as a man and a van for example, buy a copy of a TV show and then the same number of people goes to the store to get the toothbrush that the actress from the show endorsed that is when we start talking about big numbers.

That does not mean everything is alright, however. We have come to a point where our consumer society is really pushing it to the limits. Materialism is at its peak right now. We give money to people with undeniable talent without actually realising if it is indeed worth that much. There are many people who contribute greatly to the development of our society but we happen to overlook them somehow. There’s nothing wrong with people making money thanks to their talents but there are just too many of them lately. We can safely say that some of them are more deserving than others.

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