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If you ask people there are many best places to live in the UK – some like it urban, others like it rural etc. Apparently, the best place to live in the UK for two years straight now, is the town of Godalming in Surrey. The town is only thirty five miles from Central London (good news for man and van movers), yet it’s totally hush-hush, undercover profile has remained, and kept it out of the limelight.

GodalmingThe heavily wooded hills and heathlands across the town have made it not only popular with walkers but also with Hollywood scouts looking for unique filming locations. In general though, Godalming is a quiet and pretty refuge for weary commuters coming home from a long day at work in London. However, since information was ‘leaked’ that the town is in fact the best place to live in the UK, its low profile cover is about to be blown. It seems like man and van movers will have their work cut out for them as the borough of Waverley (of which Godalming is part of) is quickly catching the attention of those looking to move homes to a top class district.

Stats show that the Waverley borough and the town of Godalming enjoy the highest overall living standard and quality of life in the country. The combined factors and indicators which put Waverley at top spot are relative prosperity of locals, employment, health and healthcare, house prices and last but not least the weather.

Waverley is indeed a healthy place – the average life expectancy for a male in the borough is almost eighty one years – way above the national average. Furthermore, ninety seven percent of all people in the area were deemed in ‘good health’ at the time of making the survey. Money-wise, people in Waverley and Godalming are also doing quite well – average weekly wage in the borough is eight hundred and eighty eight pounds, the spending triple eight figure is forty six percent over the national average. Despite of this, house prices in the area are relatively affordable than their London counterparts – an average residential property in Waverley changes hands for about three hundred twenty five thousand pounds.

Besides pristine nature, affordable properties, peace and tranquillity etc. the borough also has some excellent pubs – borough mayor knows best! The borough takes its name from the Cistercian abbey of Waverley, ruins of which are still visible today just outside Farnham. Bourne Wood, near Waverley has become a favourite filming location for many directors. Epics like Gladiator have scenes shot in Bourne Wood, so do the Harry Potter movies (of course!). One of the more recent movies to be shot on location in Bourne Wood is War Horse.

The town of Godalming prides itself on (apparently) having the first electric street lights, installed and lit for the first time in eighteen eighty one. The Russian Tsar Peter the Great also came to stay in Godalming once, he spent the night at the King’s Arms Inn.

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