Dinosaurs that used to live in England

Dinosaurs used to walk on Earth millions of years ago. Some of them used to live in an area which we know today as The United Kingdom. Here are some of the gigantic lizards that used to roam throughout modern day England.

  1. CetiosauriscusCetiosauriscus – This dinosaur used to live in the Callovian era which was about 165 to 161 million years ago. It is classified as quadrupedal herbivorous saurischian and is considered to be one of the earliest diplodocids. The Cetiosauriscus stood at about six metres tall and fifteen metres long and weighted approximately four tonnes.
  2. Proceratosaurus – The Proceratosaurus was a small sized carnivorous theropod that used to live during the Middle Jurassic era. At first paleontologists thought that is was the ancestor of the Ceratosaurus because of a similar small crest on its snout. Today however it is believed that the Proceratosaurus is one of the earliest known members of the Tyrannosauroidea family. In terms of size this long gone dinosaur was about a metre tall and about three metres long.
  3. Sarcosaurus – The name of this dinosaur means “flesh lizard” and it is classified as a theropod dinosaur. The Sarcosaurus was roughly 3.5 metres long and lived approximately 194 million years ago, during the Sinemurian stage of the Early Jurassic era. The first fossils of this dinosaur were found in the Lower Lias of England in 1921. Shortly after a partial skeleton was discovered by S.L. Wood.
  4. Lexovisaurus – This was one of the first dinosaurs from the mid-to-late Jurassic era to be discovered. The Lexovisaurus is from the astegosaur family and its first fossils were discovered in France and England during the late 19th century. It is believed that it had a length of approximately five metres and a weight of about two tonnes. Today fossilised remains of the Lexovisaurus can be seen in the Muséum National D`Histoire Naturelle in Paris and in the British Museum of Natural History in London, which you must absolutely visit once your relocation is over via moving services. Don’t hesitate to use such services as nowadays moving companies work with fair and reasonable prices.
  5. Hylaeosaurus – The Hylaeosaurus was an herbivorous ankylosaurian dinosaur whose name comes from the Greek words hylaios and sauros which put together and literally translated to English mean “lizard belonging to the forest”. It lived approximately 136 million years ago during the Valanginian stage of the Cretaceous period. The first remains of this dinosaur were found by Gideon Mantell in 1842. It was about five metres long, had an armoured skin and carried a minimum of three long spines on his shoulders.
  6. Becklespinax – This immense predatory theropod lived during the Early Cretaceous era. While there is no concrete evidence about the actual size of this dinosaur it is believed that the Becklespinax was about eight metres long. The first fossilised proof for the existence of this animal was found during the 1850s in a quarry near Battle, East Sussex.

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