The Interesting City of Leeds

Not only it is not amongst the biggest cities in England, Leeds is also amongst the most visited ones. The city of Leeds lies in central England and has a population of approximately 800,000 people.

LeedsThe main reason behind the popularity of the city is that Leeds is the home of numerous world famous buildings and landmarks. One of the most famous places of interest is the City Square. The main feature of the square is the building of the Old Post Office of Leeds. Many travelers describe the square as a must see site because the site has preserved the authentic ambiance of the city. Another highly rated building that is located on City Square is Queen’s Hotel. The square is also the location of numerous statues that depict John Harrison, James Watt, Edward the Black Prince and Joseph Priestley.

The Leeds Town Hall is another prominent landmark of the city. The town hall was build during the mid 19th century and is undoubtedly the most popular building within the city. The town hall is built in the Victorian style and has its own clock tower. The main feature of the building is a lion sculpture that is situated outside the building’s main entrance.

Bridgewater Place is another highly reputed building within Leeds. The edifice is one of the newest buildings in the city as it was opened in 2007. Bridgewater Place is 112 meter tall which makes it the tallest building in the city and the area of Yorkshire. The building is classified as both a residential and commercial skyscraper and has a total of 32 floors.

In terms of natural landmarks, Roundhay Park is beyond any doubt the most famous landmark of the city. The park was created in 1872 and currently covers an area of 700 acres of lush green lands. The park is open throughout the year and is home to numerous amazing gardens such as the Monet Garden, the Alhambra Garden, the Lake in Canal Garden and the Friends Garden. The park is also the location of the Arnold and Marjorie Ziff Tropical World. Aside of houses numerous tropical plants the complex also houses a butterfly house and an aquarium.

The Leeds City Museum was opened in 1819 and was closed in 1965. However in 2008 the museum was reopened and today it is one of the city’s most visited touristy attractions. The museum displays items that are related to the city’s history.

As you can see Leeds is indeed an amazing place that has plenty to offer to its residents and visitors. So if you like your trip to Leeds you can return in the future as a permanent resident. Know that you won’t have a hard time moving here as there as many man and van companies that provide removal services in the area. Even more there are numerous companies that provide man and van services from London to Leeds and vice versa, so if you live in the capital you will be able to find even more easily the needed assistance for your relocation.

The last thing that we want you to know about Leeds is that it is a city with a vibrant nightlife which you will most certainly enjoy in full.

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