Interesting Facts about Liverpool

There are quite a few thinks that make Liverpool one of the most interesting cities on British territory. Here is a list of some of the most interesting among them:

  • Liverpool was founded in 1207 by King John, who declared it “The Second City of the Empire” via a royal charter written in Latin.
  • Liverpool-CityAccording to the Guinness Book of Records, Liverpool is the world’s capital of pop. The face of popular music was, as everyone knows, changed by none other but The Beatles, who hail from Liverpool. What is more, more musicians who are from Liverpool have had a major hit on the top of the billboard charts than any other city in the world. Liverpool definitely deserves its title.
  • In 2008 Liverpool was declared to be European City of Culture.
  • Liverpool is strong not only in music, but in sports too. There are two major league football clubs here – Liverpool and Everton. Their combined track record counts at 27 Premier League titles, four European cups, three UEFA cups, one Cup Winners cup, 11 FA cups, and six League cups. You get the picture.
  • One of the best collections of European art that is housed outside London is located in the Walker’s Art Gallery, which among other things is the National Gallery of the North.
  • Liverpool is the city in England with most listed buildings – it is second only to London. There are over 2500 Grade II listed buildings here, and over 250 public monuments. In many senses, Liverpool itself is a museum under the sky.
  • The first passenger carrying railway in the world was between Liverpool and Manchester.
  • Do you know what the common between films such as The Hunt For Red October, The 51st State, The Parole Officer and Letter To Brezhnev is? They were all shot in Liverpool. Just this past year, nearly 150 films used the city as a filming location. So, Liverpool is a music, a football and a film centre. There is not much more to want from the cultural aspects of the city.
  • The largest cathedral in the UK and the fifth largest in the world is located in Liverpool. That is the Anglican Cathedral, which was designed by the famous architect Giles Gilbert Scott in 1904.
  • The three graces of Liverpool are the Liver, the Cunard and the Port of Liverpool building. They line the city’s waterfront and form Liverpool’s UNESCO designated World Heritage Maritime Mercantile City. It is safe to say that those three graces are the crowned jewels of Liverpool’s architectural landscape.

As you can easily see, you can be only glad to visit the great city of Liverpool. When the man and van London based company of your choice moves your possessions to your new place, it is high time to be excited – you can take a vacation and head to one of the best cities in whole Britain, and you will have the chance to see it unfolding its beauties in front of you.

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