International Removals – What’s Important

Moving overseas is one of the most exciting yet frightening experiences in life. Nevertheless, timely and effective preparation will make the entire process manageable and less stressful. Moving to another countryThe first and most important aspect of one such removal is to choose which of your belongings are coming along, and which will be left behind.
Many people use this as an opportunity to de-clutter, after all a fresh new start is just that, and doesn’t involve old stuff. Start your prep work well in advance of the actual move. It is best to start sorting and packing items about three months before the relocation, especially when moving your entire household. Begin with packing the belongings you will not need immediately, for example if you are planning to move in late May – early June for instance, and it’s still March, then pack away winter clothes first as you will not be needing them until the next cold season. Apply the same principle throughout the packing process and everything will be made easier and more efficient.
On the same note, your international man and van company can also do the packing for you but usually people prefer to do their own packing when it comes to overseas relocations as not all the items will be part of the removal. Most of the well-established international man and van service providers would need at least three months’ notice including the initial inquiry. It is important to choose a good overseas moving company as they will be able to provide you with thorough and up to date information on current customs regulations and possible quarantines in effect at your next destination.
Many countries have strict regulations on what can and cannot be brought in, so be meticulous now and save yourself a ton of unnecessary hassles later on. A good international man & van service provider will also be able to provide you with general information, country-specific pack, up to twelve months in advance of your actual removal. The info pack is invaluable for when planning, organising and packing your belongings. Don’t forget that insurance is essential when moving abroad.
Even though insurance will attract additional costs, it is money well spent as moving internationally is a serious logistics exercise and things can go wrong at any time. Usually you have the option of securing comprehensive insurance through your removal company of choice, or alternatively you can do this through an independent insurer. It is also important to have your belongings valued properly as their estimated overall value will be the basis on which the insurance pay-off will be formed. It is recommended to have your items estimated at as higher value if possible as this means higher value insurance policy.

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