Apr 30, 2019

Large-Scale Removals – Here’s How to Make Them Easy

Maintaining a large household can be a blessing and a curse. More of the latter if you have to relocate to another address. Moving houses is a stressful job, and it becomes only too complicated if you have too many pieces of furniture, clothes and other personal possessions. If you would rather not be overwhelmed by dealing with all those responsibilities, you need to come prepared. And here is how to prepare for a large scale domestic relocation, and a few tips on how to make the stress go away.

Start early and plan ahead

Since the volume of work to be done is going to be pretty large, you will need to start at least a couple of months prior to your moving date. There will be quite a few tasks to be taken care of, but they can generally be divided into several distinct categories:

  • Planning
  • Packing
  • Paperwork, local council, lease, etc.
  • Preparing the essentials
  • Loading boxes on a van/truck
  • Transporting your goods to the new location

Leave ample time for every single one of those. Packing will take up the most time, so just schedule it accordingly. The trick is not to attempt to do it all at once. Work a room at a time. Put all contents in boxes and crates, wrap them safely and put labels. Then and only then move on to the next room.

Consider storage

One way to alleviate the stress from a large-scale relocation is to put some portion of your goods in storage before you start preparing for the actual relocation. We are talking about clothes, furniture, appliances, books and other such possessions that you will not need right away but still would rather not part with. Finding an excellent storage service in London will not be that hard. Our advice is going to be to lease a storage unit that is easy to access from your new address so that you can quickly collect your boxes once you are ready.

Hire the right movers

Booking a team of professionally trained, licensed movers together with a suitably sized and secured transit vehicle, being a van or a truck, will make the difference on your moving day. Just remember that your best bet for a stress-free large scale removal would be hiring a local firm in order to guarantee optimal results in the shortest time. If you are moving to NW9 postal area, for example, look for industry certified man and van in Graham Park NW9. You catch the drift.

Have the tools of trade at arm’s length

Purchase all supplies you will need to pack and move your possessions well in advance. Specialists suggest that you get at least 10% more boxes and wrapping materials than your initial estimate shows you are going to need so that you avoid mistakes and running out of something vital in the last second.

Go for quality materials such as industrial grade bubble wrap and double walled boxes if you want to guarantee the safety and integrity of your goods on the road.

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