Largest European Islands

Here are some of Europe’s largest islands. Please note that we have excluded fresh water islands from the article.

Severny IslandSeverny Island is the 30th largest island in the world and the largest one in Russia. Located in Kara Sea at about 400 kilometers from the Russian mainland, the island covers an area of 48.904 square kilometers and is separated from Yuzhny Island (Russia’s second largest island, 33.246 square kilometers) by the narrow Matochkin Strait. Almost half of Severny Island is covered with ice, which makes it one of Europe’s largest glaciers.

Spitsbergen formerly known as West Spitsbergen is the only populated island of Svalbard. It has an estimated population of 2.700 people and is Norway’s largest island with an area of 39.044 square kilometers. Spitsbergen is bordered by the Arctic Ocean, Greenland Sea and Norwegian Sea and during the 17th and 18th century was used as a whaling base. During the 19th century the island served military purposes but in 1920 when the Svalbard Treaty recognised Norway sovereignty, it was demilitarised and converted into a free economic zone.

Sicily is the largest Italian island and the largest one in the Mediterranean Sea. Officially known as Regione Siciliana as it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy. The island covers an area of 25.662 square kilometers and is home to the world famous Mount Etna which is also considered to be the Sicily’s most prominent landmark as it is Europe’s tallest active volcano. Archeologists claim that the island of Sicily has been inhabited since the 12.000 B.C.

Sardinia is the second island in size in the Mediterranean and Italy, respectively. Just like Sicily, it is an autonomous region of Italy and has a population of over 1.5 million people. The island is one of Italy’s top touristy destinations and tends to attract travelers from all over the world. Sardinia is separated from Corsica (France’s largest island, 8.741 square kilometers) by the Strait of Bonifacio.

Lewis and Harris is situated in the Outer Hebrides and is Scotland’s largest island. Technically the island is the third largest single island of the British Isles, after Great Britain (the largest one in Europe, 219.595 square kilometers) and Ireland. The island of Lewis and Harris is known throughout the world for its production of Harris Tweed fabric, which is handmade there. You will have the opportunity to visit this part of the UK as a family vacation once your London man and van project is over. You can speed up your move in the capital by using professional man and van services.

Crete is Greece’s largest and most populous island with an estimate population of 620.000 people. It is the fifth in size in the Mediterranean Sea and is the location of the city of Heraklion which is one of Greece’s most visited places. The island was once the centre of the legendary Minoan civilization. The ruins of the Palace of Knossos are the most famous local landmark and tend to attract visitors by the numbers.

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