Meeting Online Versus Being Introduced in Person

Love stories are the best, aren’t they? There are so many people on Earth and they all have their stories. We can’t hear them all but you can be absolutely sure that many of them are simply astonishing. Just ask around your family how your grandparents or parents met and how they fell in love. There is always something unusual in these stories and maybe even something funny. Nowadays with our digital progress we’ve increased the ways by which people can get to know each other. In the old days you’d have to be introduced by someone and then eventually form some sort of a friendship before things can get more serious. The other way was to probably spend time at bars and introduce yourself to strangers.

Online DatingIs online dating taking away the real thing? Is it bad, is it dangerous? There are many theories but we need to have a realistic look towards things. Many people actually experience pleasant communication and then relationship with a person they’ve met online. Using a dating website sounds a little creepy – we all know that. We suggest that people who there are usually ashamed of what they want to do and that’s why they use the Internet as a cover. But here’s the thing, if you are serious about it you have no benefit from hiding or using a fake name. Yes, you can do that initially when you simply chat with the other person but what happens if you are to meet? If you refuse to do it then all the haters are perhaps right – you are just a guy looking to do something fun or troll people. And you should be ashamed of yourself because people like you give these websites the bad reputation that they have. This sort of dating is very popular in:

  • USA
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Germany
  • Netherlands

Creating a profile and chatting with people behind the barrier of the keyboard can be quite what some people need at first. Not everyone can be smooth and slick when they need to talk to someone they like in person. Many people feel uncomfortable when introduced as if they are forced to be there. They don’t like making eye contact and talking in person right away. And you know what- there’s nothing wrong with that. All they need is some time to relax and open up. We need to understand this properly. The dating websites give these people that sort of cushion. They simply need time. At first it might come a little shocking to them. After that they have the opportunity to talk further knowing that they can stop at any time and just seize communication if they feel embarrassed. But usually something else happens. They start feeling better and they open up more to the person that they talk to. They might even share photos which is also a big thing. And then when the time comes to meet they’ve already developed a nice friendship which can go all the way and become an affectionate relationship. People’s attitude towards online dating changed over the past 8 years:

Question 2008 2016
A good way to meet people? 44% – yes 59% – yes
People who use it a desperate 31% – yes 20 % – yes
Are you afraid of who you might encounter? 51% – yes 28% – yes

CoupleWhen you meet at a bar or when somebody introduces you the wrong impression might be given and you don’t want that. Many people simply cannot hit it off straight away and that might be because of poor selection of words or behaviour that is deceiving in a good way. Unfortunately if things do not go well initially there are rarely any second chances afterwards. And that’s’ a pity because who knows – a new family might have been made that way.  You may not like each other now but what if three years in the future you are married and expecting – maybe living in a new apartment or a house with a back yard and a dog. You should never underestimate anything and this is what the Internet teaches you. You get to know the person on the other side slowly. You only judge them by the words that they type. You can’t see their clothes or smell them. You don’t see them in certain situations where you might be disgusted of them. Then later when you decide to meet everyone will be ready. By then you will know what he/she likes and how you should probably dress. You will smell good and will know what to and what not to talk about. It gets really easy this way.

Now don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t mean that online dating will guarantee you success. It only means that you will be able to weed out “THE ONE” easier because you can talk to many people and decide who to keep talking to and who to leave behind.  Your computer allows you not to get attached and get a broken heart quickly.

Dating AppsSo our advice is to take it easy and give it time but please don’t ignore these dating websites. While there might be many people who aren’t for you there are these who will be keen on talking and seeing you no matter how you look. Just don’t call the removal company yet. Take it slow, like each other and then decide if you are taking things to the next level. Remember that people are often different from what they show while just sending messages through their phones. You might exchange the sweetest emoticons and stickers on Facebook but you cannot say you are in a relationship before meeting and being serious about it.

So don’t wait – if you don’t feel like being taken to a party and being introduced to people who might scare you, just sit down in front of your monitor or take your phone and visit one of the websites that might turn your life around. Before you know you will be moving out of your old place and it won’t even cost you that much.

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