Most Famous Lighthouses on Earth

Lighthouses date back to ancient times and have always been used to navigate ships in shallow waters and allow them to gain safe access to the ports that they were coming to. Today the world is full of amazing lighthouses that have become more than naval instruments but famous landmarks. Here are some of the most worlds most notable ones.

Jeddah-LightThe Jeddah Light is located in the Saudi Arabian city of Jeddah and is the tallest lighthouse in the world with a height of 113 metres. The construction of this amazing structure began during the 1990s and has a range of 25 nautical miles or 46 kilometres. Today the Jeddah Light is one of the most famous landmarks in Saudi Arabia and is visited by both local and foreign travelers.

The Yokohama Marine Tower was lit for the first time in 1961 and is the tallest lighthouse in Asia. The tower is a multifunctional structure and has an observation deck which provides amazing views of the close by Mount Fuji. The lighthouse is known for its red and green lights which interchange in an interval of 20 seconds. From 2006 to 2009 it was closed and was the subject of major renovations. The Yokohama Marine Tower has a range of 25 nautical miles and is 106 metres tall.

The Île Vierge Lighthouse is the tallest in France and Europe and is located on the eponymous island of Île Vierge (The Virgin Island) which is situated in close proximity to the coast of Brittany. The structure is made entirely of granite which means that it is the tallest traditional lighthouse in the world. The lighthouse was built in 1902 and is 82.5 metres tall. Despite its shorter size it has a range of 27 nautical miles which equal 50 kilometres.

Skerryvore is the tallest lighthouse in the United Kingdom. The structure lies off the west coast of Scotland and unlike the other lighthouses from the article is only 46 metres tall. It was built during the mid-19th century and its light shone continuously for over a century. In 1954 the lighthouse was shut down due to a fire and was reopened five years later. In 1994, Skerryvore was automated and today it is one of Scotland’s top landmarks. So, make such that you visit it once your relocation via man and van services is over. Don’t worry about hiring a moving company as nowadays most man and van contractors work with cost effective prices.

The Lighthouse of Genoa is the tallest lighthouse at the Mediterranean Sea. It is also one of the oldest still functioning lighthouses in the world was it was built in the 12th century. The current tower of the structure was reconstructed during the 16th century lighthouse and was lit for the first time in 1543. During the 1930s the lighthouse was automated and today it has a range of 25 nautical miles and is 76 miles tall. The structure is one of Genoa’s most emblematic landmarks and is visited by numerous tourists on a yearly basis.

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