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moving-bucketlistMoving to a new apartment or house is great but still there is a feeling of nostalgia because after all you will be leaving behind a good part of your home and your familiar surroundings. We have decided to present you with a moving list that includes all the things that you must do before you move to your new home.

Before you proceed with the execution of the bucket list, make sure to arrange all the details of your relocation such as finding and hiring a company that provides removal services – London based. You will easily find such a contractor because when it comes to moving house in London has a number of companies that are eager to provide you with such services.

Once that you have arranged everything here are the things that you should do, in order to take a proper farewell with your old life.

  1. Eat at your favorite restaurants one more time – instead of doing groceries and buying food that you won’t be able to eat before you leave, make a grand slam tour of your favorite restaurants. After all you don’t know when you will be able to eat at these places again.
  2. Visit your hair dresser for the last time – you must remember how hard you have searched for a good hair dresser when you moved in, so you know how hard it will be for you to find a new one when you relocate. So visit your hair dresser for one last time so that you can at least relocate with a good hair cut.
  3. Take a long walk in your neighborhood – you may hate it, but you will miss it. So the night before you leave take a slow long walk in your neighborhood. Even more take your photo camera with you and take some pictures. This way you will have photographs of your old neighborhood and you will be able to show to your children and grand-children where you have lived at one point of your life.
  4. Visit the neighborhood grocery store for the last time – yes, we said above that you shouldn’t do groceries, but we didn’t say that you shouldn’t go to the grocery store. Visit it for the last time and buy something small like a pack of chewing gums.
  5. Organize a moving party – invite your neighbors and friends and have a party the day before you leave for your new home. This way you will be able to take your goodbyes with everybody that matters to you.

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