A pub in Hammersmith is the second best in the capital

Andover Arms restaurantThe popular internet site Tripadvisor is the place where most people go to when they are planning their travels. This is the place where you can find information about hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues and museums, as well as anything else you can possibly need in order to make your trip comfortable and a pleasant experience that you are going to remember fondly. So Tripadvisor’s lists of “Best of” are very important and have influence on tourists from all around the world.
When it comes to places to eat at London, the leading positions in the charts are usually reserved by high end restaurants in the City or the luxurious districts of Inner London. So it came as much of a surprise (a pleasant one above all) that this year’s voters decided that a small West London pub is the second best of its kind in London. At the current moment the The Andover Arms in Hammersmith is even ahead in the ranking at Tripadvisor of such places as Michel Roux Junior’s Le Gavroche and Gordon Ramsay’s Restaurant.
The ranking is complied on the basis of several factors – food, service, value for money and the general atmosphere at the place. The Andover Arms pub has been reviewed by over 300 customers and has achieved an average of five stars in every single one of the above mentioned categories. One of the most recent reviews goes as follows : “Amazing service, amazing food, great prices. London is very much hit and miss for me and this was a very big hit. Do not be put off by the suburban surroundings, it is worth the Tube ride and walk.” Another one compliments the attitude of the staff who welcome you from the door and turn the whole experience into a real treat. Everyone who has ever come to the Andover Arms pub has loved the place and promises to come back again very soon – and they usually do, because the pub is always full and it would be a good idea to book a table in advance if you are willing to enjoy a lovely dinner here.
It goes without saying that the success of this previously almost unknown pub comes to show that the area of Hammersmith is quickly but surely developing into one of the finest residential suburbs not only in West London, but also in the whole capital. Of course, just one restaurant is not enough to make you pack your stuff and move in here, but it might be a good idea to spare one night to visit the Andover Arms with your family or loved one. It would be worth the trip, no matter where in London you are currently based in. And it would not surprise us at all if after your visit and look around the district, you eventually decide to give your local man and van company in order to book the day for your move in Hammersmith.

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