Reasons to Move to the French Riviera

French-RivieraSouthern France, especially the coastal parts, has become a synonym for a dream place to live in. Here are several interesting facts about the place that will definitely make you think about moving your home there:

  • As of 1887 the French Riviera goes by the nickname of Cote d’Azur, or the Azur Coast.
  • It is the place where one of the most prestigious and important film festivals in the world takes place. Yes, we are talking about the Cannes Film Festival. It is held in May every year and gathers the world wide elite of the film industry. A prize from Cannes, or even a well-received premier of a film almost immediately guarantees the success of every film.
  • The French Riviera includes also the second smallest country in the world – Monaco. Famous for its casinos, centered in the Monte Carlo Casino Complex, Monaco boasts a pretty impressive art scene too, especially with the Grand Theatre de Monte Carlo, its opera and ballet houses. Monaco Grand Prix also runs through here. Most people recognize the scenes from Monte Carlo from the James Bond films – three of them used the country as a filming location.
  • Have you read the Man with the Iron Mask? Well, the historical figure behind this character, whose identity still eludes historians, actually spent 11 years in prison in the Riviera, in the Ile Saint Margerite. If you want to, you can still visit his cell, which is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.
  • Crasse is a town that is at a half-an-hour drive from Cannes. It has been the capital of the perfume industry for centuries. Even today three-quarters of the essences used in perfumes around the world are produced here, so it is really worth a visit. What is more, Crasse is a wonderful place to set up your home in.
  • The French Riviera has 300 sunny days per year. No wonder it is considered to be one of the best places to live in the world. It is also the reason why it attracts so many celebrities who are used to getting only the best.
  • In addition to the Cannes Festival, there are several attractions of worldwide importance that are held annually on the Riviera. Those are the firework festivals in Cannes and Monaco (held in July and August respectively), the yacht show in Antibes in April, the yacht shows in Cannes in September and in Monaco in October, the Monaco Grand Prix in May and so on. Overall, you will not be bored here, because something is happening all year long.

All those examples would most probably fire up your imagination and make you dream of living at the French Riviera. What you might be surprised to learn however is that according to stats from the man and van companies that carry out international removals, more and more Britons choose to relocate there for a variety of reasons. The main being simply that it is a paradise on Earth.

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