Small but Appealing Museums in London (part 1)

The English capital is home to some of the world’s most famous and visited museums such as the Tate Modern, British Museum, Natural History Museum, Madame Tussauds and etc. While all these venues are amazing and showcase an exquisite collection of unique items they aren’t the only interesting museums in the city. Here are several of the smallest but yet amazing museums in London.

Leighton House MuseumLeighton House Museum – Opened in 1929, the Leighton House Museum has an extremely modest façade and a lavish and opulent interior that can rival with the greatest museums in the world. It is housed in the former residence of the renowned English painter and sculptor Sir Frederic Leighton. The venue is decided to the artist’s life and work, and showcases numerous breathtaking artefacts. Its main feature is the Arab Hall which contains Leighton’s collection of shining Islamic tiles. The other rooms of the museum are also astonishing and display vintage furnishings and contemporary artwork among other items. The Leighton House Museum may be small but it is definitely a must see site in London. So, as soon as your relocation via man and van services is over, make sure that you visit it.

The Vault – This unique museum is housed in the Hard Rock Café on Park Lane in the City of Westminster. The eatery’s exhibition room is arranged in an area that was once part of a Coutts bank which is why the venue is called the Vault. It displays numerous valuable artefacts such as an old credit card which was the property of Madonna, a harpsichord used by The Beatles and the guitar which Slash used in the Guns N` Roses video of November Rain. The museum is open seven days a week and is free of admission.

Churchill War Rooms – Located beneath the Treasury building the Cabinet War Rooms where an underground complex which Sir Winston Churchill used to govern the United Kingdom during the events of World War II. The rooms date back to the late 1930s and were converted into a museum in 1984. It is one of the five branches that of the Imperial War Museum and is decided entirely to the life of the former British Prime Minister. The Churchill War Rooms are often described my travelers as a claustrophobic but unique experience which is well worth. So, once you arrange all the details with the man and van company that handled your move, make sure that you visit this interesting London based attraction.

Sir John Soane’s Museum – As the name suggest this museum is decided to the life and work of Sir John Soane. He was a prolific English architect who specialised in the Neo-classical architectural style. An interesting fact about the venue is that the decision to convert his home into a museum was taken during Soane’s lifetime in 1833 and took effect upon his passing in 1837. The venue displays numerous models of the architect’s projects and drawings. It also showcases a rich collection of artwork and antiquities.

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