Jul 02, 2019

Who to Hire – Professional or Freelance Movers?

There are probably hundreds of licensed removals companies operating on the territory of Greater London. That is one of the reasons why finding a professional man and van in Fulham SW6 or any other part of the English capital can take you days or even weeks of research. You are simply given countless options to choose from – something that can be both a blessing and a curse. Freelance movers do not make things easier as their mere existence poses a big and very important question: Who should you hire – a professional team of movers or a freelancer? That depends on:

  • The amount of money you are ready to spend
  • The service quality you are expecting to receive
  • How much assistance you will need
  • Whether or not you will seek for additional services (end of tenancy cleaning, storage, furniture assembly, etc.)

Who to hire to enjoy lower prices?

A freelance mover will almost always offer you a more budget-friendly quote compared to a registered one. That, however, does not mean that the end cost of your relocation will remain budget-friendly. When you hire self-employed professionals, the risk of hidden costs is greater. Also, many freelancing removal experts to do stick to a set price list and they simply charge as they please. So, if you want to go for the more cost-efficient option of the two – hire a renowned removals company.

Who will offer you a higher and more consistent quality?

Delays and accidents are not something unusual during a home or a commercial move. But if you have a registered relocation company by your side, these things are easier to manage. For instance, if the moving vehicle breaks down, the firm will send you another van as soon as possible whereas a freelancer will leave you hanging until they have their truck repaired or replaced. In addition to that, by law, professional removals businesses are required to be fully insured and to offer their clients comprehensive insurance coverage too. Some freelancing movers are also insured but the keyword here is “some.”

Who can provide you with an all-around service?

This is a particularly vital question for businesses that are planning to relocate their office to a new location. Asking employees to do all the work such as packing or loading the truck is simply not fair. You need to opt for all-around office removals in London. Here the answer is quite obvious – only an experienced moving business can have the capacity for that.

How about additional services?

Freelance movers rarely if ever are willing to provide their customers with extras like rubbish removal, store purchase deliveries or end of tenancy cleaning. That is because these are all things that require special equipment, licenses and qualifications. For that same reason, some trusted moving businesses prefer to offer only the basic package of services that usually consists of domestic and office moves and packers. And yet, this does not change the fact that you will be more likely to find a professional moving company that delivers storage services than a self-employed removal expert who can provide you with that same solution.

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