Flower in spring
Apr 08, 2018

Prepare for your Upcoming Spring Move

Spring season is ahead of us and for those who postponed their removal for spring; it is a season of big changes. Whether you are moving internationally or locally, moving in the spring is a fresh start for you and your family. Spring is a great season to plan your removal but there are few […]

Sign saying For Rent
Mar 26, 2018

Fighting the Good Fight or Renting in London

London comes with a sprawling magnificence. The city has been easily called as one of the most popular destinations to study, work, and live. Despite the exorbitant prices that welcome newcomers, the appeal of the megapolis has sufficed to tantalise everyone enough so they will decide to stay and try to make a living. In […]

Movers lifting a piano
Mar 14, 2018

Five Tips to Adjust to a New Environment after Removal

Removal can be very stressful and complex experience and no matter how long you prepare for it, it sneaks up on you and leaves you in shock. You have probably heard from your friends or acquaintances that removal is usually one of the biggest changes in one’s life. And it is, but what follows after […]

Map of East Europe
Mar 01, 2018

Going East with Furniture

Eastern Europe is not a place for cheap labour as popular opinion may have it. A growing number of companies are cognisant of the fact that countless capable young people work there. A fair handful are even entrepreneurs themselves. Starting one’s own business in Eastern Europe is not as difficult any more.  A savvy businessman […]

A storage place
Feb 25, 2018

Five tasks your should not forget when moving

Surely you may have already heard that moving homes is among the most strenuous and stressful experiences that most people actually go through life. The stresses of moving are unnecessary Put why put yourself through the nightmare of moving when there is actually a way to reduce the pressure and achieve optimal results in a […]

Hand holding a tiny clock
Jan 09, 2018

A Guide to Moving House with the Speed of Light

To enjoy a stress-free house move, have an early start… that is if you can. Unfortunately, we do not always have full control over the world and the people around us so there are times when a home relocation must be done in a great hurry. Divorce, a new job opportunity in a different town, […]

Retirees planning a house move
Dec 10, 2017

Moving Guide for Seniors

The older we get the less likely are we are to move home. Most people who are over the age of 65 prefer to stick to a non-stressful routine and usually moving house is the last thing on their minds. But sometimes circumstances can force seniors to find a new place to live. If you […]

Stress sign
Nov 26, 2017

Preserving your sanity when moving – a guide

It is popular saying that moving homes is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through in the duration of a lifetime. But one can appreciate the gravity of such a situation only when you are actually a part of it. Dealing with movers, documents for lease and selling a property, packing […]