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Regent’s Park
Oct 17, 2017

Living in London – It Has Its Advantages

The English capital is arguably the most multicultural and cosmopolitan city in the world. Studies show that over 300 languages are currently being spoken in London and that people from every nation reside in the British capital at any given moment. There are many reasons for this phenomenon and today we will turn your attention […]

View of the City of London
Oct 06, 2017

Three amazing areas in the British capital

London, the capital of England is one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in the world. It is comprised of numerous areas and neighbourhood that have their own charm and character. Today, we have decided to turn your attention towards three fascinating districts, which you would definitely enjoy exploring or living in. Shepherd’s Bush: […]

Van and furniture
Sep 17, 2017

Moving to a Bigger Home – What You Should Consider

We all know that downsizing from a big house to a small flat can be a nightmarish moving home scenario. You have to get rid of many of your possessions and even of some of your appliances. Also, getting used to your new tiny surroundings is always difficult. But the opposite is also challenging. Moving […]

The Plough Pub in Sipson
Sep 01, 2017

Insight about several London neighbourhoods

London is one of the largest cities in the world, which ultimately means that it is the location of numerous neighbourhoods to which people can relocate to. The presence of so many residential areas makes choosing the right district quite challenging and this is why we decided to present to you detailed information about five […]

Romford market building
Aug 21, 2017

Cool residential areas in London

The English capital is home to some of the greenest, most peaceful and trendy neighbourhoods not only in the United Kingdom but also in Europe as a whole. Here are three districts that you should absolutely consider if you are planning to relocate to London in order to change your surroundings. 1. Muswell Hill Located […]

London from above
Jul 30, 2017

Surviving life in the big city

Living in a huge city such as London can be pretty challenging. The stresses of a place that never sleeps and has population of well over 8 million people can be overwhelming. London is the financial, cultural and administrative capital of not only England, but to a large extent to the world. Settling down here […]

Skilled pro mover
Jul 12, 2017

Signs That It is High Time for You to Move Home

Have you considered moving home lately? Relocating is a tedious task which is probably why many of us prefer to stay blind to some of the signs which show us that we need to move into a different place. What we fail to realise, however, is that in some cases, relocating can help us: Improve […]

Petts Wood station
Jun 26, 2017

The Versatile Districts in Bromley

For those who are only familiar with the London that is shown on the big screen or in tourist guides, the Borough of Bromley will appear like a big chunk of land that has somehow ended up on the territory of Greater London. And indeed, Bromley is not your typical London Borough and yes – […]

Kitchen - moving
Jun 09, 2017

How to Pack Your Kitchen When Moving Home

The best packing strategy you can use when relocating is to pack your possessions room by room. One of the most difficult living spaces to pack is almost always the kitchen. That is because it offers a combination of generally hard to pack and to transport items like: Heavy household appliances – fridges, washing machines, […]

Fortis Green
May 23, 2017

Four areas in Haringey that you should know about

The Borough of Haringey lies in the northern parts of London and spans over an area of about 11 square miles. It has a population of approximately 270.000 and a density rate of 24.000 people per square mile. The borough is home to a number of notable districts and areas that attract both foreign and […]